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All as it should be…

July 14, 2010
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Grainy photographs line the vacant memories
Vocal in the absence of faith imagery
Let the rain cry over me and the mud

Churn under

Upset at missing the breath breathed and took
Inanimate asunder both while objects attend
And dismantle
sad the green meant save
And red means to politely wave as the
Burning continues to vent by way of
They all search for a venue that has
Been let inside you carrying the divine touch of an
Artist who could always
Leave luxury
For more pristine waters purely moving
To beat beat beat
His heart
With anticipation as words hasten their way
To a landing in mere mortals
Yet a promise knows no bounds
Especially when we realize whose temples
They landed on.

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wild wind

May 25, 2010
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made creativity mend
us all at the seams
craving the passion that
but does not divide encompassing
unity inside the mind
more inside of the heart
cringing limping dreams
catching fire
leans into his voice
calling to the surface

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Blue sun

May 21, 2010
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Off we slid while
gloves off kid
manners false escaping
the torrid faults line
all the way around
epic centers creating the
momentum quiet place in
the midst of spinning like millions
of waves atmospheric measure
caves into the crest of
crescendo peaking the likes of
all we’d hold fundamental
if the problem was known
solution sown gathered from the
reaches of sound and light manifested
in just one word
syntax spawn sealed to hearts
interest waived
breakthrough saved
from an undertow threatening
to walk alone.

In a community all is healed
hurts are unmasked
forgiveness peeled
stickers stuck to a body
all united in Him.

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