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Goodness from another dimension

August 1, 2011
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Disarming Love

February 25, 2011
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On my way to play in a basketball tourney yesterday, I got off the train at the Western stop on the blue line. As I was making my way towards the walking ramp. A young kid probably around 12 just began to call me the nastiest names. It seemed to be an attempt to impress his friend. So instead of walking by I stood and let him continue his assault of calling me a monkey, as well as insulting what I was wearing. I told him that I could stand here all day because I knew who I was. He then called me an animal and I began to roar like a lion. He began to be taken off guard that I did not return his insults but decided to stay. As soon as he got close enough I pulled him in for a hug and told him how much the Father loved him. He stammered “man, you’re strong”, it was at that moment that his whole facade fell and I could see directly into the hurt in his heart, he turned and got on the train. It would have been easy to walk by and/or return the verbal assault but very hard to stay and show him how loved he is. I began to think that no matter our cultural upbringing or religious denomination. The audacity of our love has to grow. I wanna hold up what I did as a monument only of the audacious love Christ has for us. We need the whole body to step out of comfort zones even when offenses seems to be eminent and choose the highway of holiness, a place where unity is an easy thing. There is NO match for courageous and all insecurities will melt away…..

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