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October 18, 2011
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A manifest destiny Tackled

Son of wisdom quickly

appearing to reject quandary shackled

Unafraid of the phantom sickly


Motioned for the door to be unclasp

handing a resolute defeat unique

Drug behind horse, claps,

while all mighty citizens found antique


That time would bring period relief

agree that the hour had wounded

the innovative creative belief

sorely missed when inspiration pounded


Through open doors

left by many a Spanish Moor

singing to not be left forgotten

by a word expanding to contract, unfamiliar fruit,



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no lost time

December 15, 2010
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silent above

Glass Blown

Sands shook in His hands after all



stars could not count the way

it’s light examines the sky



let me do that for you


‘I AM’ replies


altogether wise

authority while dominating

the LOVE market for

His raw displays take the

Most non-asthmatics’ breath away




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All as it should be…

July 14, 2010
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Grainy photographs line the vacant memories
Vocal in the absence of faith imagery
Let the rain cry over me and the mud

Churn under

Upset at missing the breath breathed and took
Inanimate asunder both while objects attend
And dismantle
sad the green meant save
And red means to politely wave as the
Burning continues to vent by way of
They all search for a venue that has
Been let inside you carrying the divine touch of an
Artist who could always
Leave luxury
For more pristine waters purely moving
To beat beat beat
His heart
With anticipation as words hasten their way
To a landing in mere mortals
Yet a promise knows no bounds
Especially when we realize whose temples
They landed on.

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Hero to Nifty

June 23, 2010
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The moments that make history hush

turn the hardest men to mush

on touch the point where surrender is imminent

but not certain

the postman called out

curtains to release us all from

a backstage with no creative promise

like rainbows sign to the death

sight as bent light bronzed

only to save like

fronds lain at the foot

feet sped past ass

flashed sky patterns

cracked fabric

satins silk source


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June 9, 2010
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How trivial are the children of strip clubs

yet battered beyond measure

expectations cave, capes

point to the harmony of one mistake

apt to send the whole season crashing


forward tanking liquid and all of the

mists traded for the comfort of a solid

Our goals are made to drown

man's efficiency or futility?

well the vocal stances, sconces abscond

extinguish crowns from

terrycloth tattered robes

not even with the defeat of Egyptian cotton

fields fed by a breadth of ocean,

returning from the bowels past

burnt faces,

Argued as the origin

Of fantasy


support fancy


seventeen or less marching,

towards death or an invitation.

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Quiet it all

June 1, 2010
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Tension missing tears fabric that
Gives us our reality or better yet
The saneness of insanity
Most adjusted calmly for the sign of utopia
Breaking forth maintaining a triune course
Pouring into the courts of the Father
Precious, priceless epiphanies of His
Concerning the three combining to form a
Form we can understand?
Or grasp?
After all it is the light that laughs in spite
Of the darkness becoming but a canvas on which
Life shall paint a masterpiece that death forgets
To renew a contract for the ultimate advocate
Has not presented not an argument but a call for
Ending the discussion that simply augments
Our inadequacies for in His perfection
We are made wholly who He created us to be before
Craters of empty washed over our
Heavenly frequencies
Where our communication/glory/presence/peace/love
Connection is unbroken

And our acceptance at the table of righteousness

Understood yet unspoken…

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wild wind

May 25, 2010
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made creativity mend
us all at the seams
craving the passion that
but does not divide encompassing
unity inside the mind
more inside of the heart
cringing limping dreams
catching fire
leans into his voice
calling to the surface

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Blue sun

May 21, 2010
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Off we slid while
gloves off kid
manners false escaping
the torrid faults line
all the way around
epic centers creating the
momentum quiet place in
the midst of spinning like millions
of waves atmospheric measure
caves into the crest of
crescendo peaking the likes of
all we’d hold fundamental
if the problem was known
solution sown gathered from the
reaches of sound and light manifested
in just one word
syntax spawn sealed to hearts
interest waived
breakthrough saved
from an undertow threatening
to walk alone.

In a community all is healed
hurts are unmasked
forgiveness peeled
stickers stuck to a body
all united in Him.

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right soon

May 19, 2010
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Never left the direction

that kept the beckoning call at

each whim

spinned dreams from the fleece in my pillow

in the stream they managed to sink so

well deeper than i could ever increase

tapping waves that flash from eternity

certain noon

none other time could erupt

the joy from me he has heard a grace

that slings rings of identity in the face

of what has not happened

yet shall not bride me to fear splatters

clarity all around the murkiness


for my heart has heard the vibration of the



May 13, 2010
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breaking the flags

changing seas sons grab

at an inheritance after all

if only they knew all possess

gradual mines digging into the

greatest matter that in the end did not matter

much for the bearings were golden after all

one held in each hand clamoring for the

weight that could not fail

wailing on those keys

alphabetized any aesthetic beauty

blowing wherever the Spirit will

isn’t that vivid?

just a shiver

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